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New Lean Book co-authored by Robert Oh entitled "Strategic Lean Service"


Robert delivered a lean talk to members of the SITF

Summary of the lean slide presentation


There are large potential gains if Lean is embraced to help organizations couple process improvement with IT system enhancement.

Refer to Lean Article in ComputerWorld Singapore by Robert


Robert delivering a talk on making business processes lean at a Singapore Quality Institute Interest Group Meeting.


Robert speaking to employees of a large local hospital on lean

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Eagles Wings is a Lean and Lean Six Sigma training and consulting firm helping clients attain higher organizational effectiveness and efficiency through deployment of Lean and Lean Six Sigma principles, practices, and programs. We are based in Singapore and we serve clients in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region.

Transforming Businesses to Become Leaner

Becoming more competitive with High Speed, Good Quality & Low Cost

In order to ward off increasing competition, organizations must become leaner by increasing their speed, reducing costs and providing better quality products and services. To achieve this, their workforce must learn to work faster and smarter and become lean. Waste is to be relentlessly eliminated.

Quality should be designed into the process and decisions made at the lowest possible levels so as to respond rapidly to customer demands.

Many companies that have adopted the Lean or Lean Six Sigma approach have dramatically changed their businesses to become lean, and gained long-term sustained advantage over their competitors. In the last 2-3 years the Lean and Lean Six Sigma approach has been deployed with much success by organizations from many different industry sectors.

The Soft and Hard Elements of the Lean and Lean Six Sigma

The soft (or people related) elements of a major change effort which takes the form of exceptional management commitment, the build-up of a sufficient coalition for change within the middle management ranks, the creation of a sufficient sense of urgency throughout the organization and so on are very key to successful transformation. The hard elements of the change effort referring to the techniques, tools and practices of Lean and Six Sigma while also important can only be fully leveraged once the buy-in for change has been firmly established in the organization.

Through our Lean and Lean Six Sigma Programs, we assist clients to apply Lean and Six Sigma concepts, principles and tools in their businesses and help them drive a high-level change project to transform these businesses into fast, agile and cost-efficient companies.

Feedback from our Workshops

"Thanks for providing this lean management course. It was a huge learning curve for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the interaction with so many professionals from different fields " - client from Healthcare sector

"I would be happy to recommend this lean manufacturing workshop to others. The instruction in the workshop was very clear. I found lean management to be exceptionally relevant and useful for my company." - client from Manufacturing Sector

"I found most of the principles of lean management applicable to the service and healthcare industries as well. The case studies in this workshop were helpful in providing examples of its implementation, and the exercises which relate to work environment makes the learning immediately practical" - client from Health Care Sector

"Lean management is a discipline that is very relevant and useful in today's economy. It addresses the paradox of cost and quality, proving that both can co-exist and complement each other to create value for the organization" -- client from Public Sector.

"The workshop is an excellent follow-on session to the Lean Manufacturing Workshop. Through an intensive case study, the LEAN principles and theories were better explained and understood." - client from Aerospace Sector.

"The workshop provided very good examples of lean. I took away a good understanding of what lean is about and how it is used. It brought about an awareness that improvements do not necessarily cost a lot of money, and that every improvement counts and helps to drive out big elephants (i.e. waste) from organizations" - client from InfoComm sector

"The workshop helped to clarify the lean management concept and how the lean tools could be used in the work environment. The instructor was clear and precise in his delivery. I would not hesitate to recommend this workshop to those who are new to the lean concept." - client from Travel & Transportation Sector.

"If you are considering streamlining your processes to cut down time to market, you may want to consider the lean management approach. I found the instruction during this workshop very clear and the discussions and exercises were particularly good and valuable" - client from Public sector.

"If you are unsure about how to reduce costs without cutting your staff, this workshop will provide the answers. Lean management is not about assessments or certifications. It is about cutting the waste in organizations and making real performance improvements. The answer to cost cutting and increased efficiency lies in lean management" - client from Finance and Banking sector

"This is a very comprehensive course on lean management. I now have a much clearer picture of what lean is all about and how it can apply to my organization. - client from Transportation sector"